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Treatment Success Stories

Veteran's Transitional Housing - "A whole new level"

By Cody

I had made it through almost 58 years before I found myself homeless and living in my van in the freezing winter during January and February and it was cold. Add to this fact that I have 3 disabilities and the situation became quite scary and life-threatening.

I began looking for lifelines… I really had never used the Veteran Administration programs before and I was very pleased to have Jenni as my case worker. She found a program that would take me even with all my extra issues. So this program is a marriage between the VA and CenterPointe, and they help find and procure apartments for those who finish the program. It was prayer answered.

This program is called Veterans Transitional Housing or VTH for short. So next to the VA being so dedicated to truly help and they are the first important group that needs recognition, the CenterPointe program house (VTH) has been unlike any other resource I’ve ever experienced or even heard about.
This program is for Veteran’s who have found themselves homeless. You have to have either a substance abuse problem or mental health issues and be willing to address those concerns. The secret for success is that the person needs to be READY or true change is not achievable.

For me it was a blessing just finding and getting in a program.

Yet as I was about to find out “nothing” was normal with this program. And from the first day I realized this transition house and the concept and policies are like none other.

The house doesn’t merely give six months of grace by paying for EVERYTHING, food, clean comfortable and safe shelter, and somewhat operate as a case manager by helping find you whatever help you need to deal with the root issues that always seem to proceed your troubles, like substance or mental issues. So finding AA/NA meetings, or counseling whatever is needed. They have groups at the house like life skills, pet therapy, as well as steer you toward other needed service such as PTSD groups, anxiety and stress groups, relapse prevention, and others. They will help you get crucial documentation, like ID or driver’s license, birth certificates, Social Security cards, DD214’s, etc.

The thing that sticks out the most for me is that this enables a person to save money and help you put together a plan to help you really get your feet under you. Then groups like Combat Veterans Association that help provide furniture and essentials needed when you get into your apartment, which, by the way, they pay deposit and first month’s rent and in some programs like mine (veteran Permanent Housing) they (CenterPointe) pay a subsidy of your rent and you pay a percentage which then become income based.

This is a program that some people go through more than once, because sobriety is something that a person HAS TO BE READY TO CHANGE OR THEY WON’T, and it’s not easy. My first roommate, Johnny went through three times before he made it.

This has truly been a game changer for many who have been ready to get straightened out. It changed my life as well as many others who have gone through.

The house stands apart yet again by the best staff I’ve ever seen, these people are genuine in their desire to make a difference in these men’s lives. For many Vet’s combat or non-combat have PTSD from service or prison, and this is a place where you can find your life and begin to heal from the demons that many have wrestled with for years.

This is the best program ever…

This one works!