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About CenterPointe

Consumer Grievance Procedures

Consumer Grievance Procedures

Consumer grievances or complaints may occur against the program, staff, structure of the program, policy or procedure or as a result of staff decisions regarding their treatment or care while receiving services from CenterPointe. While formal grievance procedures are available, efforts will be made by CenterPointe to reach resolution through an informal process whenever possible. If any consumer is not satisfied with the results of the informal process used to resolve complaints and concerns, he or she is encouraged to file a formal grievance with the Program Director.

All grievances can be handled verbally, but consumers are encouraged to state their requests in writing, documenting the incident and the reason for the grievance. Staff will summarize the consumer's verbal grievance in writing; all verbal grievances will be written down, by staff or consumers, and will be signed by the consumer.

Consumers will not be penalized for using the grievance process.

Consumers who have a grievance should use the procedures outlined below.

NOTE: Any consumer who needs help in following the grievance procedures or in writing their grievance may contact the Program Director of the program in which the grievance is alleged and a staff person or a neutral third party will be assigned to assist them.

Procedures are as follows:

  1. Bring the grievance to the attention of staff anytime during services or within 90 days after leaving services. Grievances can be submitted verbally or in writing and can be delivered in person or by email. Please include name, dates and specifics about the nature of your grievance
  2. Program staff will inform the Program Director of the grievance within one working day.
  3. The Program Director will respond to the grievance in writing within five (5) working days in the format provided below.
  4. If the consumer is dissatisfied with the Program Director's response, s/he may take the grievance to the Clinical Director within ten (10) days of the response.
  5. The Clinical Director will provide a written response or will write to recommend that the consumer address the issue directly with the CEO within five (5) working days.
  6. If the consumer is dissatisfied with the response of the Clinical Director, or is directed to the CEO s/he shall take the grievance to the CEO within ten (10) days of the response.
  7. The CEO will respond in writing within five (5) working days.
  8. If the consumer is dissatisfied with the response of the CEO, s/he may contact a member of the agency's Board of Directors' Executive Committee. Names of Committee members will be provided. The grievance will be addressed at the next regular meeting of the Executive Committee. The written decision of the Executive Committee will be final.
  9. All grievances received are forwarded to the Clinical and CEO and a central file of grievances is maintained. Grievances are reviewed at least annually to identify trends, review consumer input and identify needed actions to improve services for the persons served.
  10. If you are not satisfied with the response, or at any time, you may complain to the:

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services,
Department of Regulation and Licensure
Health Facility Investigations
301 Centennial Mall South,
BOX 94986 Lincoln, NE, 68509-4986

Or by Contacting

Nebraska Advocacy Center
134 S 13th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508