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Substance Use & Mental Health

Tobacco-Free Environment Policy

Tobacco-Free Environment Policy


CenterPointe recognizes that, as a health care provider committed to the health and safety of staff, individuals in service, and visitors, CenterPointe is taking a leadership role on the major public health issue of tobacco use. To promote CenterPointe’s commitment to public health and safety and to reduce the health and safety risks to those served and employed at the workplace, all CenterPointe facilities, vehicles, and properties are tobacco-free.


It is the policy of CenterPointe that no use of tobacco products will be allowed on or in any of CenterPointe’s properties, facilities, programs, vehicles, or at any CenterPointe-supervised event. Tobacco products include but are not limited to cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and dipping tobacco.


In order to carry out the above policy, CenterPointe will implement the following procedures:

1. There will be no use or possession of, tobacco products including e-cigarettes, within the facilities, programs, properties, and vehicles, at any time.

2. Individuals in service are informed of this policy prior to admission into the program. Signs are posted in agency facilities and vehicles, and this is directly addressed in all written and verbal program orientation provided by staff.

3. Tobacco products found at or after the time of admission into residential programs will be confiscated and destroyed by staff.

4. Individuals in service are prohibited from using tobacco products during any outside group outings, meetings, activities, appointments, and events when supervised by CenterPointe staff. Furthermore, use of tobacco products by CenterPointe individuals in service that occurs within the sight of program/property will not be allowed.

5. If an individual in service smells of smoke, they may be asked to change their clothing.

6. Staff will assist individuals in service who wish to quit smoking by offering education regarding options which may include the nicotine patch, gum, or lozenges, along with medications to help with cravings and Smoking Cessation Groups.

7. Violations of this policy will be handled in the following manner:

  1. First Offense: Verbal Warning
  2. Second Offense: Verbal Warning with Written Warning/Therapeutic Assignment
  3. Third Offense: Individualized consequence in line with Positive Approaches to Behavioral Intervention Policy, which may include a reduction in Program Privileges, a change in Program Phase, etc., to be determined by the Program Director
  4. Fourth Offense and Beyond: Individualized consequence, which may include consideration for discharge from the program

8. Possible loss of privileges can arise on first and second offenses depending on the program. If a person is found smoking inside a program this may be grounds for termination from the program.

9. All CenterPointe Employees are responsible for the enforcement of this policy, and have their own expectations, written out in policy, about maintaining a tobacco free environment